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The first step to selling on Amazon is creating a seller account. You have the option to create either an individual/basic or professional account, based on how many products you plan to sell each month.

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Amazon Account
Sign in with an existing Amazon account, or create a new one if you don't already have one. (If you already have a customer account, you do not need to create a separate one for selling.)
Legal Name
Your legal name - either as an individual or a legal entity.
Business Address
The address for your business. This can be your home address.
Business Display Name
Choose your unique business display name. This doesn't have to be the same as your company name, and you can change it later on if you want to.
Website URL (optional)
If you sell your products online, you can enter your website URL.
Phone Number
Your phone number which Amazon can use to contact you. This is where your verification voice call/SMS will be sent.
Selling Plan
Choose whether you want to set up an individual/basic seller account or a professional one.
Credit/Debit Card
You must provide your credit/debit card details.
Bank Account Information
You must provide your bank account information.
Tax Information
Amazon will provide you with a Tax Information Interview form to fill out.
Selling Fee
A small fee must be paid for each product that is sold. This fee varies across categories.
Monthly Subscription Fee (Professional Account)
If you are using a professional account to sell products on Amazon, you must pay a monthly subscription fee of £25 GBP (excl. VAT)/€39 EUR (excl. taxes.)/$39.99 USD. Your subscription begins as soon as you complete the registration process. Accordingly, your first monthly subscription fee will begin at that time.
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