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Amazon Brand Registry gives you access to tools that enable you to more accurately represent your brand, find and report violations, and share information that can help Amazon proactively prevent violations.

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Brands must have a registered and active text or image-based trademark, and an associated government-registered trademark number. Amazon currently only accepts trademarks that have been issued by government trademark offices in the United States, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, Australia, India, Japan, France, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Singapore, Spain, the United Kingdom, the European Union, and the United Arab Emirates.
Sign into Amazon Brand Registry using your existing Seller or Vendor Central credentials.
Product Categories
A list of product categories (e.g., apparel, sporting goods, electronics) in which your brand should be listed.
A list of countries where your brand’s products are manufactured and distributed.
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How-To Articles
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Amazon Brand Registry
Website for Amazon Brand Registry, includes general information and sign up link.
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