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paid action
Sponsored Brands are ads that feature your brand logo, a custom headline, and up to three of your products. These ads appear on search results and help generate recognition for your brand and product portfolio.

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Registered Brand
In order to use Sponsored Brands, you must first have registered your brand with Amazon.
The start and end dates for your campaign. Choosing no end date ensures your ads are always active, so you don't miss out on impressions or clicks.
Daily Budget
The maximum amount of money you are willing to spend each day on your campaign.
Landing Page
Select the landing page for ad traffic. This can be either your Amazon store, or a new product list page featuring 3 or more of your products. If you are a Vendor, you may also choose to use a custom URL for this.
Ad Products
If you have decided to have a product list as your ad's landing page, you must populate this list with at least 3 of your products.
Brand Name
The name of your brand. This will automatically populate to what you have previously entered as your brand name, but you can make changes here such as removing any suffixes (e.g. LLC, Co, etc.)
The headline tells shoppers what they should expect to find on the landing page when they click your ad. This should be engaging and someone which catches shoppers' attention.
Brand Logo
This will be the brand logo which you have already uploaded to your storefront, but you can change it to something else for this particular ad campaign if you wish.
Keyword Bidding
Enter your maximum keyword bid. You can also customise the bid for each individual keyword.
Automated Bidding
You have the option to enable automated bidding, which allows Amazon to automatically optimise bids for placements below top of search. Amazon will not adjust your bid higher than the maximum bid which you set.
You can use Amazon's suggested keywords or enter your own. You can also choose the match type (broad, phrase or exact.)
Campaign Name
The internal name for your Sponsored Brands campaign.
Submit for Review
When you are happy with your campaign, submit it for review by Amazon. Note that this can take up to 72 hours. Once your campaign is approved, it is eligible to appear on Amazon.
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