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paid action
Help Amazon customers discover and purchase products that you sell on Amazon with ads that appear in search results and on product pages.

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Campaign Name
The internal name for your Sponsored Products campaign.
The start and end dates for your campaign. Choosing no end date ensures your ads are always active, so you don't miss out on impressions or clicks.
Daily Budget
The maximum amount of money you are willing to spend each day on your campaign. Amazon says that most campaigns with a budget over $30 USD will run throughout the day.
Choose between automatic targeting (Amazon will target your ads to all relevant shopper searches based on your product information) or manual targeting (choose keywords to target shopper searches and set custom bids.)
Ad Group Name
The internal name for your ad group. An ad group is a group of ads sharing the same set of keywords and products.
Choose which products to add to your ad group.
PPC Bidding
Enter your maximum bid per click.
Keyword Bidding
If you selected manual targeting, you can enter a maximum keyword bid. You can also customise the bid for each individual keyword.
If you selected manual targeting, you can use Amazon's suggested keywords or enter your own. You can also choose the match type (broad, phrase or exact.)
Negative Keywords
You can enter keywords which you do not want your product to show up for (e.g. if you are selling drinking glasses, you won't want your product to show up when someone is searching for eye glasses.) You can add up to 1000 negative keywords.
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Amazon Advertising - Sponsored Products
Information about Sponsored Products.
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