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Create a provisioning profile to install development apps on test devices.

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Profile Name
Enter a name which will be used to identify the profile in the developer portal.
Select the device(s) you wish to include in this provisioning profile. (Note: to install an app signed with this profile on a device, the device must be included.)
App ID
If you plan to use services such as Game Center, In-App Purchases and Push Notifications, or want a Bundle ID unique to a single app, use an explicit App ID. If you want to create one provisioning profile for multiple apps or don't need a specific Bundle ID, select a wildcard App ID. (Wildcard App IDs use an asterisk (*) as the last digit in the Bundle ID field.) (Note that iOS App IDs and Mac App IDs cannot be used interchangeably.)
Select the certificate(s) you wish to include in this provisioning profile. (Note: to use this profile to install an app, the certificate the app was signed with must be included.)
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Apple Developer Documentation - Profiles
Information about creating, deleting and downloading provisioning profiles that enable app installations for development and distribution.
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