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An App ID string is made up of two parts separated by a full stop (.) and is used to identify one or more apps from a single development team.

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App ID Description
Special characters not supported (e.g. @, &, *, ', ".)
Wildcard App ID
This allows you to use a single App ID to match multiple apps. To create a wildcard App ID, enter an asterisk (*) as the last digit in the Bundle ID field.
Explicit App ID
Apple recommends using a reverse-domain name style string, i.e. com.domainname.appname (Note: it cannot contain an asterisk (*).)
App Services
Select the services you would like to enable in your app (you can edit your choices after the App ID has been registered.)
The services which are available to enable in your app are: Access WiFi Information, App Groups, Apple Pay Payment Processing, Associated Domains, AutoFill Credential Provider, ClassKit, Data Protection, Game Center, HealthKit, HomeKit, Hotspot, iCloud, In-App Purchase, Inter-App Audio, Multipath, Network Extensions, NFC Tag Reading, Personal VPN, Push Notifications, SiriKit, Wallet and Wireless Accessory Configuration.
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Apple Developer Documentation - Bundle IDs
Information about managing the bundle IDs that uniquely identify your apps.
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