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ArtStation Jobs is the industry’s largest job board for media & entertainment art positions.

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Company Name
Your company's name.
Company Icon
A small square picture to represent your company (most companies use their logo.)
Resolution: 400 x 400 pixels
A wide, header image to represent your company. Most companies either have a larger version of their logo, or use screenshots/artwork from their latest projects.
Resolution: 1280 x 300 pixels
The location(s) where your company is based.
Describe your company, what it aims to achieve and the perks of working there.
A link to your company's website.
About the Company
Describe what your company makes, whereabouts you're based and what life is like working at your company.
Job Description
Describe what the job entails and what successful applicant(s) will be working on.
Skills & Requirements
List the skills and requirements which users applying to this role should possess.
Recruitment Package
Choose a paid recruitment package subscription in order to be able to post job adverts.
How to Apply
Let your users know how to apply for the role (most companies put a link to an application form on their website or list an email address where users can send their CV and cover letter.)
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How-To Articles
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ArtStation - Recruitment Solutions
Official information on using ArtStation to advertise media & entertainment art positions.
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