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Requirements and how-to articles for ArtStation's action:

Blogging is a feature available to users with Pro Accounts, allowing them to express themselves with the freedom of words and media.

You need this to get it done:

Pro Membership
A Pro membership is required in order to be able to publish Blog posts.
A title for your blog post.
Post Content
The text content for your blog post.
Formatting: Rich Text Editor
Social Media Image
The thumbnail image which will be displayed your blog post is shared on social media websites.
Recommended resolution: 1200 x 627 pixels
SEO Description
Add a description for better discoverability by search engines.
SEO Tags
Tags separated by commas to help with search engine discoverability.
Image (optional)
You can add images to your Blog post.
File format: .gif/.jpg/.png
Video (optional)
You can embed videos into your Blog post from YouTube or Vimeo.
Marmoset Viewer (optional)
You can upload a Marmoset Viewer file to your Blog post to show off 3D models.
Sketchfab (optional)
You can add Sketchfab to your Blog post to show off 3D models.
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How-To Articles
A list of useful links for you:

ArtStation Help - How To Manage Your Blog
Official information about how to manage your Blog.
ArtStation Help - How do I publish a new Blog post?
Official help information for writing and publishing Blog posts on ArtStation.
ArtStation Help - Blogging Community Guidelines
Official information about ArtStation's Blogging content restrictions.
ArtStation Help - How do I add media to my Blog?
Official information on the types of media you can add to your Blog posts.
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