Action Details
Requirements and how-to articles for Etsy's action:

Set up a shop on Etsy to sell handmade, vintage, and craft supply goods.

You need this to get it done:

Shop Name
A memorable, unique name for your shop.
Must be between 4 - 20 characters long (no spaces or special characters.)
Must not contain any profanity, be in use by an existing Etsy member or infringe on someone else's trademark.
Shop Language
The default language you use to describe your items (this cannot be changed later.)
Shop Country
The country where your shop is based. Some seller tools are only available in certain countries at this time.
Shop Currency
The currency you will use to price your listings.
Shop Policies
Set your shop's policies for delivery, payment options, returns & exchanges, privacy policy and more information.
Story Headline (optional)
Briefly describe your shop in one sentence.
Story (optional)
Talk about the story behind your shop - how/why it was founded, what your long term goal is, etc (maximum of 5000 characters.)
Shop Video (optional)
If you wish, you can upload a video to give shoppers an inside look at your process, your workspace, your materials, or any other aspect of your shop that you'd like to highlight.
File format: .mov/.mpeg/.avi/.mp4/.m4v
Maximum file size: 300MB
Aspect ratio: Landscape recommended
Maximum video length: Recommended no more than 2 minutes (videos over 10 minutes may experience longer than usual upload times)
Caption: Up to 120 characters
Photos (optional)
You can provide your customers with a closer look at your business by uploading photos - these could be of your studio layout/creative process/etc.
File format: .jpg/.png/.gif
Maximum file size: 2MB
Dimensions: You can upload photos of any dimension you like, but your photos will be cropped to display at 760 x 468 pixels.
Delivery Profile(s)
Create delivery profiles to use for your listings.
Delivery profiles contain the following information:
Delivery profile name
The country you are shipping from
Processing time
Shipping costs
Links (optional)
You can add links to your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, website, or blog.
Payment Method/Details
Choose the payment methods you wish to offer in your shop (Etsy payments, PayPal, Cheque or money order.) Depending on which country your shop is based in, you may need to enter credit card details in order to open your shop (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover and Carte Bleue accepted.)
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How-To Articles
A list of useful links for you:

Etsy Help Centre - Set Postage Costs with Delivery Profiles
Official guide to setting up delivery profiles.
Etsy Help Centre - How to Open a Shop
Official guide to setting up a shop on Etsy,
Etsy Help Centre - How to Set Up Your Shop Policies
Official guide to setting up shop policies.
Etsy Help Centre - The About Section in Your Shop
Official information about the "About" section of your shop.
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