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A Google Ads account is required in order to be able to run ads using Google.

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Google Account
A regular Google account is required in order to create a Google Ads account. You can either sign in with an existing one or create a new one.
Billing Country
Select your billing country from a dropdown list.
Time Zone
Select your time zone. Time zone applies to your entire account and cannot be changed later.
Introductory Offer
If you received a promotional code for an introductory offer, you can enter it.
Payments Profile
Choose the payments profile that will be associated with this account or transaction. A payments profile is shared and used across all Google products.
Account Type
This permanent setting is used for tax and identity verification. The business account type is for educational institutions, partnerships, organisations and businesses. The individual account type is for everyone else.
Tax Information
Your tax status, and you can also enter your VAT number.
Business Name and Address
This is the legal address of your business or home.
Primary Contact
Each payments profile has one primary contact who receives all payments email. This is the person Google will contact with any payments-related questions. Every profile must have a primary contact. You can’t delete a primary contact but you can reassign that role to another user. For some products, the primary contact may get an email receipt whenever anyone makes a payment using that profile.
Payment Method
Add a credit or debit card or a bank account.
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How-To Articles
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Google Ads
Google Ads website, with a link to sign up.
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