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In-article is a Google-optimised ad format that helps you put native ads between the paragraphs of your pages.

You need this to get it done:

Ad Unit Name
The internal name for your in-article ad.
Allow Selected Display Ads
Turn this option on to also allow selected display ads to appear in your In-article ad unit.
Set the font for all of the text in your ad. You can choose from a range of Google fonts.
Title Colour
Choose the font colour for the title.
Description Colour
Choose the font colour for the ad's description text.
Background Colour
Set the background colour for the ad.
Google-Optimised Style
Leave this option selected if you want Google to optimise the colours and font of your ad. Google will use your chosen settings unless they determine that other colours or fonts will perform better.
Code Snippet
Once you are finished designing your ad, click "Save and Get Code" and Google will provide you with an HTML code snippet to copy and paste in between the code for your article's content.
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How-To Articles
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AdSense Help - In-Article Ads
Information about Google In-Article Ads.
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