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Create and set up an Instagram account in order to be able to share photos, videos and stories.

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iOS, Android or Windows Mobile Device
Whilst it is possible to create an account and browse Instagram from a computer, in order to upload photos and videos you must do so through the official Instagram app using a mobile device.
Phone Number
One way to sign up to Instagram is with a phone number. If you choose to use a phone number, you will get your confirmation code sent to this number via SMS.
Email address
One way to sign up to Instagram is with an email address. If you choose to use an email address, your confirmation code will get sent to your email inbox.
Facebook Account (optional)
You can link your Facebook account to your Instagram account. This allows access to your Facebook photos and also enables further business features.
Your username determines your profile's URL (e.g. a username of @john_smith123 will result in a profile URL of and therefore must be unique (not currently being used by anyone else on Instagram.) It can contain up to 30 characters (including letters, numbers, full stops and underscores.)
Unlike your username, your name does not have to be unique, and can contain spaces, symbols and emojis (maximum of 30 characters.)
Profile Picture
You can take a new photo or add a photo from your phone's photo library (or from your Facebook profile if it is connected.) If you choose to sign up using your Facebook account, Instagram will use your current Facebook profile picture.
You can write a short bio (up to 150 characters long) on your profile to represent you, your business or your product(s).
Website Link (optional)
If you wish, you can add an external link to your profile, such as your company website.
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