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Your devlog is a place to post updates and new information about your game. You can attach files, images, and videos. Stay engaged with your audience and help new people find your project by posting regular updates.

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The title of your devlog post (e.g. Version 1.1 released!)
Post Type
Select whether your post is a general update or announcement, or a major update or launch. (These are recommended if you are publishing a changelog, update or announcement.)
Long-Form Discussion
Long-form posts are longer posts for talking about how you create your project. You can select what type of post you are publishing: Postmortem, Tech Discussion, Culture, Tutorial, Game Design or Marketing.
Project File Attachment(s)
You can attach project file(s) to your devlog post.
Image Attachment(s)
You can attach images to your devlog post, or upload images especially for your post without being added to your project's screenshots.
File format: .jpg/.png/.gif
Video Attachment(s)
You can provide a link to a video on YouTube, Vimeo, or Sketchfab attach it to the post.
Post Content
The main content of your post. Basic text formatting available, including image and video embedding.
You can use tags to organise your posts.
Original Publish Date
If you are migrating an older post, you can provide the date the post was originally published.
Cover Image
The image that will be shown along with links to your post. If an image is not provided one will be selected from your attachments or project images.
File format: .jpg/.png/.gif
Aspect ratio: 16:9
Minimum width: 500 pixels
You can decided whether to enable or disable comments from fellow users.
Choose whether your devlog post is published or not.
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0 Documentation - Creator FAQ
FAQ for creators who upload their content on
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