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LinkedIn Live allows you to broadcast live video to your audience. If you want to use this feature, you must fill out an application.

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Alternate Email (optional)
When filling out the application, you can provide an alternate email to the one which is associated with your LinkedIn account.
Indicate whether you are applying for access to LinkedIn Live as a member (an individual) or as a LinkedIn Page (an organisation.)
Enter the URL of the LinkedIn member profile or LinkedIn Page you wish to stream from.
Two-Step Verification
Indicate whether you have enabled two-step verification for the profile(s) you wish to stream from. Note that LinkedIn requires all broadcasters to have two-step verification enabled, so selecting "No" means your application will not be considered.
Page Name
If you are applying as a Page, enter the name of the Page you wish to stream from.
Select which region you/your organisation is based in (Africa, Asia - Pacific, Europe and Central Asia, Latin America, Middle East or North America.)
Already Streaming?
Indicate whether you already stream live video on other platforms.
Live Stream/Video Link
If you selected "Yes" to "Do you already stream live video on other platforms?" you must provide a link to a live stream or video that was live from you or your page.
Content Ideas
Write down ideas which you have for streaming live on LinkedIn. Note that LinkedIn is looking for members/pages that can go live with compelling and interactive content on a consistent basis.
Select how often you intend to stream live video on LinkedIn (daily, weekly, monthly or less than monthly.)
Extra Info (optional)
Here you can write down anything else you would like LinkedIn to know regarding your application.
Admin Profile URL(s)
If you are applying on behalf of a page, provide profile URLs for 1-3 page admins.
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How-To Articles
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LinkedIn Live Overview
Introduction to and information about LinkedIn Live.
LinkedIn Help - Applying for Live Video Broadcasting
How to apply for live video broadcasting.
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