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paid action
Promoted Pins are normal Pins that you pay to promote where people are most likely to see them.

You need this to get it done:

Select the pin you wish to promote.
Promoted Pin Name
The name for your Promoted Pin.
Campaign Time
Choose whether you want to run an engagement campaign or traffic campaign.
Campaign Name
A name for your campaign.
Destination URL
The link you want to take users to when they click your pin (if left blank, it will have the same destination URL as the original pin.)
Target Audience
The target audience for your Promoted Pin. You can target a group of people based on site visitors, a list of customers you can upload, or a lookalike audience that is similar to one you already have.
Select interests relevant to your Promoted Pin (e.g. technology, fashion, art, etc.) Major categories can be broken down into minor ones.
Add keywords so that your Promoted Pin shows up in search results.
Choose locations for your Promoted Pins to appear.
Choose the genders you want your Promoted Pin to reach.
Choose the devices you want to target (e.g. web, mobile web, iPhone, etc.)
Choose languages for your Promoted Pin.
Maximum CPC Bid
The maximum CPC (cost per click) bid for your Promoted Pin.
Either your daily or lifetime budget.
Choose how long you want your campaign to run for. A start date is required, but you can leave the end date blank.
Billing Information/Payment Details
Your payment details (you only pay when people visit your website.)
Required information:
Email address
Card type
Card number
Expiration date
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How-To Articles
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Pinterest Help - Promoted Pins
Official information on Promoted Pins.
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