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Product Rich Pins let you show the most up-to-date price, availability and product description on Pins from your website.

You need this to get it done:

Title (required)
Property (Open Graph): og:title
Property ( name
Description: The product name. This title may be truncated, depending on length. All formatting and HTML tags will be removed.
Price (required)
Property (Open Graph): product:price:amount
Property ( price
Description: The product price (without any currency sign, e.g., "6.50")
Type (required if using Open Graph)
Property (Open Graph): og:type
Description: Must take the value of "product" or "og:product"
URL (required if using
Property (Open Graph): og:url
Property ( url
Description: Canonical URL for the page (You can also specify canonical with standard HTML markup: <link rel="canonical" href="..."/>)
Currency (required)
Property (Open Graph): product:price:currency
Property ( priceCurrency
Description: The currency code (e.g. "USD")
Property (Open Graph): og:description
Property ( description
Description: The product description. This may be truncated, depending on length. All formatting, line breaks and HTML tags will be removed.
Brand Name
Property (Open Graph): og:brand
Property ( brand
Description: The brand name of the product (e.g., "Lucky Brand")
Property (Open Graph): og:availability
Property ( availability
Description: The current availability of the product.
Possible values (Open Graph): instock, preorder, backorder (or pending, meaning it will be back in stock soon), out of stock or discontinued
Possible values (,,,, and
Standard Price
Property (Open Graph): og:price:standard_amount
Property ( standardPrice
Description: If the product is on sale, this is the non-sale price.
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How-To Articles
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Pinterest Help Centre - Product Pins
Official information on Product Pins.
Pinterest Developers - Product Pins
The official technical information on Product Rich Pin properties.
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