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Recipe Pins let you add a title, serving size, cooking time, ratings and a list of ingredients to recipes from your site.

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Name (required)
Property ( name
Property (h-recipe): p-name
Description: The name of the recipe. This title may be truncated, depending on length. All formatting and HTML tags will be removed.
Ingredients (required)
Property ( ingredients
Property (h-recipe): p-ingredient
Description: The ingredients used in the recipe. Annotate each individual ingredient separately.
Property ( url
Description: Canonical URL for the page (You can also specify canonical with standard HTML markup: <link rel="canonical" href="..."/>)
Property ( image
Property (h-recipe): u-photo
Description: The URL for a high-resolution image of the recipe. Up to 6 images can be added.
Property ( recipeYield
Property (h-recipe): p-yield
Description: The quantity or servings made by this recipe (e.g., "5 servings", "Serves 4-6" or "Yields 10 burgers")
Total Time
Property ( totalTime
Property (h-recipe): dt-duration
Description: The total time it takes to cook and prepare the recipe. (ISO 8601 format for, HTML duration microsyntax for h-recipe)
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How-To Articles
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Pinterest Help Centre - Recipe Pins
Official information on Recipe Pins.
Pinterest Developers - Recipe Pins
The official technical information on Recipe Rich Pin properties.
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