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A company account is one that uses a company's name or a brand's name and information. If your username is the same as a domain for a website, that's a company account.

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Twitter/Facebook/Gmail/AngelList Account
A Twitter, Facebook, Gmail or AngelList account is required in order to sign up to Product Hunt. You can connect any of these to your current account at any time at the top of your settings page.
Profile Image
Your Product Hunt profile image is tied to either your Facebook or Twitter profile image. To resync your profile image, or change where it is being pulled from, you can go into your account settings and select the option to sync your avatar with Twitter or Facebook.
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How-To Articles
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Product Hunt Help Center - Getting Started
Guide to getting started using Product Hunt.
Product Hunt Help Center - Personal account vs. company account
The differences between a personal account and a company account.
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