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Post a product on Product Hunt. It can be your own product or someone else's.

You need this to get it done:

Personal Account
A personal account is required in order to post products. Bear in mind that new accounts will need to wait 1 week before gaining access to post, so remember to create a personal account at least a week in advance of when you plan to post your product.
Product Page URL
Direct link to the product page (avoid links to press or blogs) as the primary link and then app store links. You can add social links separately after submitting the post.
Product Name
Only the product's name, no description or emojis (unless it is a part of the name) in this part.
A very short description of the product (maximum of 60 characters.)
Include topics which most strongly relate to your product. Product Hunt recommends choosing 3 or 4 topics.
Download Link(s)
If the product has additional links such as to the App Store, Google Play, etc. you can add them.
Product Hunt recommends using an image with square dimensions, with the best resolution being 240 x 240 pixels. Animated GIFs can be used, but need to be under 3MB and not too "flashy" (e.g. no strobing effects/quick cuts/unreadable text/etc.)
If the product is still in beta, or not fully released yet, you can select the option to indicate that it is not available yet.
Gallery Images
The recommended size for images in the gallery is 635 x 380 pixels. You can upload multiple images to the gallery at once. Once the images have been uploaded, you can also drag and drop to re-order them. The gallery will need 2+ images before it is viewable. Maximum file size is 3MB.
YouTube Video
For videos, only YouTube links are supported. The full URL is required (shortened links will not load.)
Give more information about what the product is and/or does (maximum of 260 characters.)
You can add makers using their Product Hunt usernames. (Remember to add yourself if you are a maker!)
Twitter Account
If you have a Twitter account for your product, you can add a link to it.
First Comment
Start the conversation by posting the first comment about your product.
If you're ready for the post to go live right away, you can select the 'Launch Now' option, but if not you can schedule it to post at a later day/time within the next 7 days. Bear in mind that Product Hunt uses the PST timezone.
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How-To Articles
A list of useful links for you:

Product Hunt Help Center - How to post a product
Information and tips for posting your product.
Product Hunt Help Center - How to schedule a post
Information about scheduling posts.
Product Hunt Blog - How to Launch on Product Hunt
An in-depth guide to launching your product on Product Hunt, with examples.
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