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After signing up for Ship, you can create an Upcoming Page for your product to generate interest and get users subscribing to updates. You can use Ship at any stage of building a product: pre-launch, launch, and post-launch.

You need this to get it done:

The name of your product.
Describe your project in 60 characters or less. Product Hunt recommends using simple words and avoiding overly clever slogans.
Include only the topics that best fit your product.
Indicate whether or not you are currently hiring.
Describe who you are in 60 characters or less, e.g. "Hi, I'm John Smith, founder of XYZ."
Describe your product in 200 characters or less, e.g. "XYZ is an upcoming application which aims to help the user..."
Explain why someone should subscribe to the Upcoming Page, e.g. "Get early access to XYZ before we launch on Product Hunt."
You logo image will appear in the top left corner of your Upcoming Page.
Maximum dimensions: 200 pixels wide + 100 pixels tall
Maximum file size: 3MB
Brand Colours
Select the primary and secondary brand colours to use on your Upcoming Page.
Background Image
You can upload your own image or use one provided by Unsplash.
Your thumbnail image will appear in the list of Upcoming Products if you have Pro or Super Pro plan and select the Promoted option.
Product Hunt provides you with 3 different Upcoming Page templates to choose from - default, cinematic and split screen.
Thank You Message
This message will appear to users after they have subscribed to your Upcoming Page.
You can add links to your website, app (on the App Store and Play Store), Twitter, Facebook, AngelList, and your privacy policy.
If you have a Pro or Super Pro plan, you can select the Promoted option. If you have the Basic plan, or if you're not ready for your Upcoming Page to be promoted, you can select Unlisted.
Widget Teaser Message (optional)
You can customise the teaser message for your Upcoming Page widget to add on other pages.
Import Subscribers (optional)
If you already have subscribers, you can import them using a CSV file.
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How-To Articles
A list of useful links for you:

Product Hunt Help Center - How to add an Upcoming Page?
How to gain access to add an Upcoming Page.
Product Hunt Help Center - Getting started with Ship
Guide to using Ship to create an Upcoming Page.
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