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paid action
Product catalogs contain all the relevant product information for items sold on your website.

You need this to get it done:

The name of your Product Catalog.
Tax ID
Your Tax ID (VAT ID or GST Number)
Catalog Document
File format: .csv/.txt
Must contain all required metadata.
Metadata: "id" (required)
Customer's product identifier.
Unique alphanumeric string.
Must be unique across catalog.
Maximum of 50 characters.
Metadata: "title" (required)
Name/description of the product.
Maximum of 150 characters.
Metadata: "description" (required)
Description of the product.
Maximum of 5000 characters.
Metadata: "link" (required)
Link to the product page (must be http or https and comply with RFC 2396 or RFC 1738 encoding.)
Metadata: "image_link" (required)
Link to an image of the product (must be http or https and comply with RFC 2396 or RFC 1738 encoding.)
Images must be either .jpg or .png file format.
Metadata: "availability" (required)
Availability of the product.
Supported values: "in stock", "out of stock", "preorder", "discontinued", "available for order".
Metadata: "price" (required)
Price of the product.
Expected format: 199 USD (USD 199 also accepted.)
Price cannot be null.
Price can be zero 0.00.
Currency may be provided in a separate column.
Metadata: "condition" (required)
The condition of your product at time of sale.
New: "Brand new", "original", "unopened packaging".
Refurbished: "Professionally restored to working order, comes with a warranty, may or may not have the original packaging".
Used: "Previously used", "original packaging opened or missing".
Metadata: "brand, gtin or mpn" (required)
brand: Name of the brand (maximum of 70 characters.)
gtin: Global Trade Item Number (can include UPC, EAN, JAN and ISBN) (maximum of 70 alphanumeric characters.)
mpn: Unique manufacturer ID for product (maximum of 50 numeric characters.)
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How-To Articles
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Snapchat Business Center - Product Catalog Specifications
Official guide to the required and optional metadata for the Product Catalog.
Snapchat Business Center - Product Ads
Official information on Product Ads and how to upload your Product Catalog.
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