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Steam now has the tools for developers and publishers to create a customised homepage page for their organisation and to display all the games made or published by that organisation.
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Community Group
Developer/Publisher home pages are built on a community group, which is useful for managing permissions and access. Select a community group, or create one if you do not have one set up already. If you already have a group you wish you use, make sure you are an owner or officer within that group by visiting the group page and note whether you see a set of 'admin tools' in the right-hand column. (Note that the name of your group will be used as the name at the top of your Creator Homepage.)
Associated Games
Select which developer and/or publisher names you want to associate with your new homepage by selecting the group from the drop-down for each name.
Featured Games
On your Creator Homepage, you have five individual sections that can be customized with various options for format and contents. For example, you can select a 'New Releases' section to appear first on your page, followed by a row of 'Action Games'. You can even have a row of discounts automatically appear when you are running a promotion.
Background Image
You can upload a custom background image for the top area of your page to more strongly brand your presence.
Recommended dimensions: 1500 x 261 pixels
There is automatically a 'browse' section on your page that lists all your titles. You can select the list of tags that can be used to filter that list, depending on the tags that make most sense for your catalogue (e.g. if most of your games are in the same genre, you could use subgenre tags to filter them.)
You can create lists of games by franchise or other logical grouping. These can then be featured on your page or used as promotional pages if you wish to point customers to a particular set of titles.
Custom URL
You can define a friendly URL that your page can be listed under within Steam. Once you have specified and saved a page URL, you can use a few different URLs to get to your page, depending on your company and your preference. See official Steamworks documentation for more information.
Social Media Links
You can link your social media accounts to make it easy for fans to find your Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Twitch accounts, or your own website.
Google Analytics
You can enter your own Google Analytics code so you can track visits to your page and visits to the lists that you may create.
Post Announcements
You can also post announcements to appear on your Creator Homepage as well as in the activity feed of any followers.
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How-To Articles
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Steamworks Documentation - Developer And Publisher Homepages
Information about setting up your developer/publisher homepage.
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