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paid action
Pangle can deliver ads in the following formats: reward videos, interstitial videos, playable ads, or application downloads. (Currently only available in Japan, Korea and Taiwan.)

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Playable Ad
File format: .zip
Maximum file size (after compression): 3MB
The main .html file in the first-level directory should be named index.html
Authorise the click-to-jump operation for Pangle
The first-level directory contains the config.json file
TikTok recommends splitting the ad creatives into smaller pieces and enabling accelerated parallel downloading
The playable ad creatives must support several types of devices
The playable ad creatives should not be in mraid.js format
Loading dynamic materials via external networks is not permitted
The playable HTML5 materials must not contain any JS redirects
Playable ad materials must not make any HTTP request
Playable Content
Maximum video length: 30 seconds (10 - 25 seconds is recommended)
Ensure that there is relevancy between first video and playable ad content
Experiment with creatives for both portrait and landscape screen orientations
You can add appropriate background music and special effects to the playable ads
Use special effects, numerical settings and other methods to make it more visible
Try designing creatives that show your app's core gameplay to create an engaging experience
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How-To Articles
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