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Use the TikTok Ad Manager to set up a new ad campaign.

You need this to get it done:

Advertising Objective
Select an objective for your campaign (Reach, Traffic, App Installs, Video Views or Conversion.)
Campaign Name
The internal name for your campaign.
Split Test
Indicate whether you want to A/B test your strategy.
Set the spending budget for your campaign.
Ad Group Name
Enter an internal name for your ad group.
Placement Type
Indicate whether you would like to use automatic placement or manually choose your targeting placement. The placements which are currently available are TikTok, News Feed App Series, Vigo, Helo and Pangle (note that some of these are only available in certain countries/regions.)
Block List (Pangle)
If you wish, you can add undesired media placements on Pangle to a Block List to prevent your ads from appearing and ensure Brand Safety. Note that if enabled, this will decrease the reach of your ads.
A link to the website/store page/etc where you want to send traffic.
TikTok Pixel
Create a new Pixel or select an existing one. You also need to select a pixel event.
Display Name
Enter the display name to be shown on your ad. This is usually the name of your business.
Profile Image
The profile image to be shown on your ad. This is usually your business logo.
File format: .jpg/.jpeg/.png
Maximum file size: 50KB
Aspect ratio: 1:1
Ad Category
Select your ad category.
Ad Tags
Enter up to 20 tags to categorise your ad.
User Comment
You can choose whether to enable or disable comments on your ads on TikTok, Vigo and Helo.
Automated Creative Optimisation
You can choose whether to enable or disable Automated Creative Optimisation. This will automatically generate combinations of your creative assets (images, video and text.) Note that once your ad group has been created, this setting cannot be changed,
You can create a custom or lookalike audience to target your ads towards. You can use a customer file, engagement, app activity or website traffic. You can then use a custom audience as a source to create a lookalike audience.
You can also target specific demographics (location, gender, age and languages.)
Interest Category
You can target interest categories.
You can target specific devices (operating system, connection type, carriers, device price.)
Daily Budget
Set a daily budget for your ad group.
Select a start and end times for your ad group. You can also choose to have your ad group run continuously after the start time until your budget is spent. Additionally, you can choose whether to have your ad group run all day or only at specific times.
Optimisation Goal
Select your optimisation goal (e.g. conversion, click.)
Billing Event
Select the billing event (e.g. CPC.)
Bid Strategy
Select your bid strategy. Here you can set an optimisation preference and bid price.
Delivery Type
Choose whether to use standard delivery (your budget will be distributed across the scheduled ads delivery time) or accelerated delivery (spend your budget and get results as quickly as possible.)
Third Party Tracking (optional)
You can enter URLs to track impressions, clicks and video views.
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How-To Articles
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TikTok Business Help Center | TikTok Ads Structure
Guide to the structure of TikTok ads.
TikTok Business Help Center - Set up an Ad
Step-by-step guide for setting up an ad.
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