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paid action
A video app card plays automatically and allows users to preview your app.

You need this to get it done:

Tweet Text
Text to accompany the app card and app store link (maximum of 280 characters.)
File format: .mp4/.mov
Aspect ratio: 16:9 or 1:1
Maximum file size: 1GB
Maximum video length: 2 minutes and 20 seconds (however some advertisers are eligible to request an increase of up to 10 minutes)
Video codec: h.264, baseline, main, or high profile with a 4:2:0 colour space.
Audio codec: AAC-LC (low complexity)
Frame rate: 29.97fps or 30fps (frames per second)
Recommended bitrate: 6,000Kbps - 10,000Kbps (recommended 6,000Kbps) for 1080p. 5,000Kbps - 8,000Kbps (recommended 5,000Kbps) for 720p).
App Title
The title of your app, which appears under the video (maximum of 70 characters, recommended no more than 50 to prevent truncation.)
App Store Page
The app store page where your app is available to download, and is also where the app title and price will be pulled from.
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How-To Articles
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Twitter Business - Advertiser creative specifications
Official information on creative specs for ads.
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