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Website URL
The website for your business.
Choose a goal to target with your ad campaign: Sales, Leads or Website Traffic.
Campaign Name
The internal name for your campaign.
Target Audience
Select audience(s) for your campaign to target based on demographics, interests, etc.
Ad Group Name
A name for your new ad group (an ad group contains one or more ads and a set of related keywords.)
Enter keywords to trigger your ad (one word or phrase per line.)
The language(s) your customers speak and that your website supports.
Headline 1
The first headline to appear at the top of your ad (maximum of 30 characters.)
Headline 2
The second headline to appear at the top of your ad (maximum of 30 characters.)
Choose the location(s) to target with your campaign.
Select a bid strategy (Target CPA, Target ROAS, Maximise clicks, Maximise conversions, Target search page location, Target outranking share, Enhanced CPC, or Target impression share) and your maximum bid limit.
Daily Budget
Enter the maximum amount of money you are willing to spend each day on your ad campaign.
Business Name
The name of your business (maximum of 25 characters.)
Headline 3 (optional)
The third headline to appear at the top of your ad (maximum of 30 characters.)
Description 1
A brief description of your business/product for your ad (maximum of 90 characters.)
Description 2 (optional)
A second brief description of your business/product (maximum of 90 characters.)
Enter customer information and payment details and pay.
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How-To Articles
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Google Ads - Search Ads
Official information about Google Search ads.
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