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Validate URL
Enter your page URL into the Rich Pins Validator to check the metadata is correctly set up.
Meta Tags
Add metadata to the page on your website which you want to create a Rich Pin for (it is highly recommended to use the "Yoast" SEO plugin to make this easier.)
If there are no problems with your page's metadata (or if there are any, they have been corrected) select from one of the three options to indicate how you marked up your page (HTML Tags, oEmbed or Shopify.) Then click "Apply now" and wait for Pinterest to approve your Rich Pin. Once one link from your site has been approved, your entire domain will be available to use for Rich Pins without needing to validate each page.
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How-To Articles
A list of useful links for you:

Pinterest Help Centre - Rich Pins
Official information on Rich Pins.
Pinterest Developers - Rich Pins Validator
Official step-by-step guide on how to validate and apply for Rich Pins, with the URL Validator at the bottom of the page.
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