Marketing Planning Framework

A smarter way to plan your campaigns, track the requirements, and export your deliverables. app screenshot

Marketing Plans

Add actions for each of your marketing channels and trigger automatic updates to every part of the plan when milestones change. Easy.

Requirements Database

Access all the asset requirements you’ll ever need for your campaign in one place. Our dynamic database keeps the latest marketing specs right at your fingertips – and your sanity intact.

Export Deliverables

Now you can be sure that everyone is on the same page. Share your deliverables with internal and external teams by seamlessly connecting with the planning tools they already use.

screenshot add an action

A marketing planner as agile as your business.

Constantly tweaking the details of your marketing plan to accommodate timing changes can become a major drain on resources. With, you can update and share every aspect of your campaign quickly, easily, and all in one place – setting you free from the burden of multiple meetings and emails when the product schedule shifts.

All To-Dos and Specs included for peace of mind.

With so many marketing channels to cater for, it’s easy to lose track of the latest asset requirements and guidelines – but now you don’t have to. provides regular alerts to keep you informed about the most up to date requirements across the web, eliminating the element of surprise and saving you and your team precious time and money in the process.

specifications included

Finally, everyone is integrated

No more fights over collaboration tools. With, everyone can stick to the apps they work with already and import marketing deliverables directly into the tools they’re most comfortable with:





...and more.