Marketing Planner

We founded Actioncy. to bring clarity and effortless collaboration to an increasingly complex Games Industry

A tool made for marketers.
Work faster. Work better.

Manage effective multi-channel marketing plans with ease. Be more agile, and never miss a beat.

A marketing plan with actions from various channels and team members communicating

Your master plan.

See every detail of your plan in one place. Serve multiple channels, never missing an essential action. Add key beats to flag important future events -  such as a game launch or store-wide sale.

Custom actions. Powerful templates.

You do things a little differently? Not a problem. Build a library of the most common actions. Templates reduce effort and help you work faster.

Requirements included.

Save time when it comes to researching essential creative and technical requirements. We've done that work for you, providing comprehensive, shareable lists of key requirements.

Complete flexibility. Complete control.

Review contributions to your plan and provide feedback in a secure, focused space. You stay in complete control, approving any changes applied to your marketing master plan.

Log, monitor and optimise.

Keep a record of completed actions, and track progress. Add links to assets and achieved goals. Monitor and understand your successes, arming your next campaign to thrive.

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