The Platform for Agile Marketing.

Marketing has never been more complicated - actioncy. keeps it simple, empowering you to manage multichannel marketing plans with ease.

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Who is this for?


You know the pain of juggling multiple spreadsheets while trying to reign in external and internal teams. You want to focus on ideas and actions instead of an increasingly chaotic inbox.


You exist to serve your client, but communication is inefficient, too many hours are lost to account management, and planning is vulnerable to sudden pivots.

Game studios

You know marketing needs to happen and you want to know whether it's done right. Perhaps your internal marketing ability is at capacity? Maybe you'd rather just focus on making a brilliant game?

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Why use actioncy.?

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Everything in one place.

We provide an elegant, flexible, transparent framework for all your marketing planning. Forget about spreadsheet hell, forever.

Showing that its free for internal teams

Plan quickly.
Execute accurately.

Our pre-populated marketing actions are built around up-to-date requirements. Spend your time delivering results - not stuck in planning.

Reuse existing campaigns as a template.

Marketing the way you do it.

Need to do it your own way? We've got you. Quickly build templates and a library of custom actions that work for you - and all your future campaigns.

A marketing plan with clear actions and times

Partners work to your plan.

Using actioncy. will reduce a lot of overhead because agencies and freelancers should work in a unified format. Review, approve and the planning is done.

A user selecting from different marketing actions

Connecting you to doers.

Need marketing done but don’t have the time or expertise to carry out the work? We help you with our network of agencies and freelancers to get the right help fast.

We believe a better marketing is possible.

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