Styled illustration of woman using the control platform for lean marketing by actioncy.

The Lean Platform for
Agile Marketing

A unified platform to facilitate multichannel marketing plans across internal and external teams.

Core Features

Lean Functionality

A focused platform that doesn't try to dominate the complete workflow

Multi Channel

Brings all teams and services providers onto one platform for the marketer

Quick & Simple

Share the planning effort among partners to save time and move fast

Unified Format

Receive plans and reports from all partners in a unified format to ease your own reporting

Track Activity

Track actions – whether digital or not – to see the full impact of your campaign between channels

Why actioncy.

Marketing operations processes and technologies are not helping marketers create better marketing.

We want a new marketing environment that is lean, transparent andrapidly brings skilled partners together.

Made for You

actioncy is designed by marketers
for marketers

Working as a Team

We help partners work together to reduce overhead for them and you

Our Principles to Help Marketers

  1. Your company, your brand and your customers at the centre of all action
  2. Open, multi-partner, multi-channel collaboration over silo thinking and operations
  3. Strategy, ideas and impact over hyper-optimisation and attribution turf wars
  4. Speed of execution, iteration and impact over hyper-optimization
  5. Data for learning and achieving together with faster more accurate reporting
  6. Increased accountability and transparency for every action

Contact Us

Hello! I'm and I work for . We'd like to get in touch and learn more about the product. You can reach me at or to chat and schedule a call.

Map of Actioncy Tech Ltd. headquarter which located at 1 Bakers Yard, EC1R 3DD London