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Christian-Peter Heimbach
January 6, 2021
Augmented Potential: What Does Generative AI Mean for Marketers?

Marketeers have been working with AI for longer than most - but can AI-generated copy and images really help the human effort?

Will Freeman
November 3, 2020
Case Study: Flamebait Games on Forging Better Marketing

The playful Swedish studio behind Forge and Fight! on levelling-up its marketing effort

Will Freeman
October 15, 2020
Case Study: Supporting Payload Studios' Forward Journey

The studio behind the open-world sandbox construction game TerraTech

Will Freeman
September 28, 2020
Agile Marketing in the Game Industry: An Introduction

Agile isn’t only about development. It might be just the mindset needed to level-up your game marketing...

Will Freeman
July 24, 2020